Apache reverse proxy websockets correct way

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<Client A> <---> <Server A: reverse proxy> <----> <Server B>

I don't want the Client A to connect to Server B directly, well it shouldn't that's why I'm using a reverse proxy, Server B can be easily accessed by Server A on the other hand Server B has a lot of limitations on bandwidth and ... if accessed directly from Client A.

I'm feeling like my config on Server A is simply forwarding the connections to Server B instead of doing anything itself, and Clients directly connect to Server B at the end which isn't ideal.

I feel this because I'm supposed to get the same result with different ISPs since Server A works great in all those ISPs, but no I get some slow connections, some fast ones and that means probably they are connecting to Server B directly.

SSLProxyEngine on
ProxyPass /rooms/325 wss://
ProxyPassReverse /rooms/325 wss://

Here's my config, it works but I don't think it is right at all.

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Does this answer your question? [How can I forward requests from my web server?](
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@djdomi Thanks so much but not really, I still don't understand if the reverse proxy only forwards the connection making the client directly connect to the endpoint or the reverse proxy becomes itself a client for the endpoint and a server for the client
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