is it possible to log out the MARK of a packet which was generated by HMARK target using ulogd

in flag

I have rule in iptables chain which give a mark to the incoming packet using the HMARK target:

-A GIVEMARK -j HMARK --hmark-src-prefix 32 --hmark-dst-prefix 32 --hmark-rnd 0xc175a3b8 --hmark-mod 64 --hmark-offset 4096

And there is another rule which logs out packet info using the NFLOG tarket

-A GIVEMARK -m limit --limit 12/min --limit-burst 1 -j NFLOG --nflog-prefix  "PKT HMARK"

I know that ulogd can print out the MARK of the message - but I think that is conntrack mark. My question is can this manually added MARK somehow printed out with ulogd?



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