in Cuckoo sandbox how to setup simple gloabal routing using KVM as my guest machine?

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im using kvm because the malware im analyzing has virtualbox detection. ive gotten cuckoo working with virtualbox im having trouble with the kvm one.
I'm using ubuntu 18.04 as the main host. ive tried to make vboxnet0 host only like adapter by setting up a network interface bridge with no other networks connected. ive tried making an internal network and connecting a network interface to it. ive also tried connecting to the bridge on the internal network.

yes ive done the ip table rules in the cuckoo docs for each of the attempts.

the cuckoo machine works and sends the malware to the kvm guest but the guest machine doesn't have internet.

im a student and fairly new to this so if it can be explained in the simplest way possible that woud be great. thank you in advance for your time.


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