Lenovo ServeRAID M5210 controller in non Lenovo/IBM Servers

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I hope you can help me. I purchased this controller "ServeRAID M5210"

I am trying to use it in a custom build home lab server. However I do not get it working. I see the controller being recognized during boot, but I am not able to access the controller bios. Also in the OS it is shown as faulty. I tried Windows, Linux and ESXi. No luck.

Is it possible that this controller only works with Lenovo / IBM servers?

Many thanks for your help.

BR Markus

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According to the documentation, the controller is only supported on a subset of Lenovo / IBM servers:; not even all servers from the same vendor are supported.

So, yes, it's completely possible for it to just not work outside its support boundaries.

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It's an ordinary LSI-based controller, it may require a custom tool (like Dell-badged LSI-based controllers) but it should work in any server. Maybe it's really faulty? In Linux does it appear in lspci?

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