Score:1 script to include the webmail subdomain on a shared (Namecheap) server

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For a long time I have used to create 90-day SSL certs for my domain. Never had a problem.

However, I now wish to start using the webmail interface ( - included with hosting), but the usual script fails.

This works:

./ --issue -d -d -w /home/myuserid/public_html

This fails:

./ --issue -d -d -d -w /home/myuserid/public_html

What must I do to fix this? My webhost is Namecheap.

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I think the webmail subdomain might be using a different document root for serving files. You need to find the correct document root for your webmail subdomain, and specify it in the command.

Here what you can do, log in to your cPanel on NameCheap, go to Subdomains, then find the subdomain, and check its document root. It might be something like /home/myuserid/public_html/webmail/

then use this command accordingly with the correct document root ./ --issue -d -d -d -w /home/myuserid/public_html -w /home/myuserid/public_html -w /home/myuserid/public_html/webmail/

now, run and it should work.

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