Zabbix v6.4 create "Event" for unmatched SNMP traps

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I'm trying to create a generic Event (called Problem in zabbix) from any unmatched SNMP trap received for any device, which will basically consist only from host IP a some text like "unknown trap" or even the full text of a trap as its received by FallBack.

Zabbix creates reports only from Problems and I would like to see if there were any unmatched traps in it. I can then need manually configure them. It's precaution for cases where new FW for exampele add new trap or so.

Any other solutions welcome as well.

Reading documentation, there is only one mention about handling unmatched SNMPs which is

"If the trap was not set as the value of any item, Zabbix by default logs the unmatched trap. (This is configured by "Log unmatched SNMP traps" in Administration → General → Other"

So instead of sending them to default logs, creating a generic alarms would be perfect.

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