Limiting outbound traffic to AWS Management Console or other Amazon consoles

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I've a network whose outbound traffic is strictly limited to a whitelist of sites or domains. I searched and couldn't find any documentation about how could I allow stations on this network to use AWS Management Console without allowing any arbitrary outgoing connections.

Is there any minimal list of hostnames, domains or IP ranges - similar to - that I'd whitelist for this purpose?


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This is the list of AWS IP ranges which can be filtered by region.

As for domains, you're going to have a tough time whitelisting everything, unless you use a very restricted set of services. Example:
[your region]
... etc ...

You would need a zone transfer to actually get a full list of subdomains, something like dig axfr — but this also would be brittle, if AWS's DNS servers even allow it (they probably don't).

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Zac, thanks for the info, the problem is, though, that I'm looking for a way to open access to AWS native services, like the Console - while avoiding opening it to services of AWS tenants, which, as I understand, might be placed in the same ranges or under the same domains as AWS own ones.
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