Bind9 and Web Server on the same machine + domain setup

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I want to ask can I setup for example LAMP with all domains and Bind9 on the same machine ?

If yes, ok.

Now I have one .com domain for example :

Now I want to understand the steps to do to have in the end this:

In particularly I need yours help to understand a logic to setup all this software.


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sorry we will not provide any learning material. yes it is possible to run a Webserver and a Nameserver on the same Maschine. But you will need regardless a second one for the second ns.
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I can do it without second ? Put in the second same ip ? Or make a second public DNS ?
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I would suggest that you take a look at manuals and some howto. even if you want to force this behavior, when you're got a outage all is offline and unreachable. Due the state of question it's offtopic on
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