Cancel `md --grow` operation

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I added drives to an md RAID5 array, and quickly realized that I forgot to create a partition as is best practice (something I’ve also learned from bitter experience). How can I cancel this operation and re-add them?

Right now I froze the rebuild. As a safe workaround I can let the rebuild finish, fail one and replace it, etc. But this would take a week. Would failing both now also work?

Note: There’s another question with a similar title, but the OP was looking to simply pause the operation and the answer explains how. Please don’t close this as duplicate.

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I would not risk to undo a running RAID5 grow, especially considering that not having a partition table on some component devices is not such a great issue.

Let it finish and if and only if you really want a partition table on all disks, shrink the array and re-add the required disks.

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