SSH connection to gitlab server not working

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I have recently installed a gitlab server on a Fedora Server VM hosted locally on my computer. To install the gilab server I used this command : sudo yum install -y gitlab-ce.

I had no errors during the installation but when I try to connect to the gitlab instance with the command ssh [email protected] I have this message :

Last login: Sat Apr 22 16:33:11 2023 from

instead of :

Welcome to GitLab, @username!

according to the gitlab documentation.

Also when I try to clone a project I have the following error:

Clonage dans 'mytestproject'...
fatal:'Octodex/repositories/mytestproject.git' does not appear to be a git repository.
fatal : Impossible de lire le dépôt distant.
Veuillez vérifier que vous avez les droits d'accès et que le dépôt existe.

The repo I want to clone is a public repo. And I added the generated ssh public key in gitlab.

I don’t know how to resolve these problems.

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Gitlab is most probably running on a different port than the default port 22. You are connected to your host instead of gitlab.
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@GeraldSchneider the default port used by gitlab server is the port 22 for ssh and i haven't found a config file in the .ssh directory of the git user that could override this.
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