perccli: How to check the pdcache status for a virtual drive?

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The perccli utility (doc page) has an option to set the "pdcache" option, where pdcache means physical drive cache (although I can't find where that's actually defined). From the docs, the syntax is:

perccli /cx/vx set pdcache=On|Off|Default

(where /c specified disk controller x or "all" and /vx specified RAID virtual drive x or "all")

My question is, how can I see the current pdcache setting for physical disks?

Background: after much gnashing of teeth, we figured out that when pdcache is on for hard drives with disk local cache (separate from the disk controller cache), and the drive is under high write load, and there's a power failure, then data write commands are lost (as designed). Note, for enterprise quality SSDs with a tantalum capacitor, the capacitor holds the voltage up long enough for the SSD to flush it's local volatile ram cache to non-volatile flash memory, preventing data corruption.

Thanks in advance Ben

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