How to resolve microdnf (failing with glib error) in a specific environment?

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The problem was identified in the CI/CD environment - they are a group of server machines on redhat 7.9 (docker 19.x)

When trying to run docker build the following line fails:

RUN microdnf install yum

We are using a redhat image (redhat/ubi9-minimal) as base image. The above command is run on that.

The error:

(microdnf:6): GLib-ERROR **: 14:57:32.900: file ../glib/gthread-posix.c: line 1338 (g_system_thread_new): error 'Operation not permitted' during 'pthread_create'

We tried the same in other docker servers (on centos 7, docker 20.x) and it worked.

Because this worked on these machines, I suspect some host os differences are at play.

I suspect this is because of docker 19.x. It is because of redhat/ubi9-minimal image and docker 19.x. (I have confirmed this alternatively).

What can I do to fix the CI/CD machines?

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