Bring website online with domain without adding the port

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I come to you because currently I have a website that is hosted on my web server. But on this server I have several websites hosted on it. So to access it you have to put a port number. Until then it's normal. Each site has a domain name. What I would like is that we can access these websites without the need to add to the end of the domain name the example port And that the domain name is just display without the port number.

In configuration, I have an Apache server. Thank you for your help Kind regards Erwan

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apache should let you do that - read the "Apache Virtual Host" documentation for how that works
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You just need to use the default ports for HTTP (port 80) and respectively for HTTPS (port 443).

The default ports can be found in /etc/services file on a Linux/UNIX server or in RFC-1700

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Precisely I tried to put port 80, but it does not work. It puts me ERR_CONNECTION_RESET. Whereas when I put port 1000 for example and well it works
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How do you configure docker and the apacke listener? Share in the question the output of `ss -tlnp` and filter with `grep` for your apache process.
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