Could not set permission for new database on postgresql?

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I'm the beginner in PostgreSQL, today I cannot create new TABLESPACE on my HDD disk. Specifically:

  • I'm running the Ubuntu 20.04 on the SSD. Install and using Postgres 13 normally on this disk.
  • I want to create new DATABASE on the other HDD disk, due to the data size will be very huge.
  • I have run sudo chown postgres:postgres /destination/folder/on/HDD as well as sudo chown 700 /destination/folder/on/HDD before using postgres to create tablespace.
  • Access to postgres terminal by sudo -u postgres psql then run create tablespace table_name location '/destination/folder/on/HDD';
  • It raise the error ERROR: could not set permissions on directory "/destination/folder/on/HDD": Permission denied

So how to solve this problem? How can I create new database on HDD disk? Thanks for your help!

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