What does this mean in my Startup Applications Preferences?

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On my Start-up Applications Preferences there is a strange program.

It is called im-launch. It is associated with this command:

sh -c 'if [ "x$XDG_SESSION_TYPE" = "xwayland" ] ; then exec env IM_CONFIG_CHECK_ENV=1 im-launch true; fi'

I do not recognize this command and I do not understand it. Maybe, my memory is tricking me but I do not remember inserting this on my personal computer.

What exactly is this doing? Is this a standard configuration out of the box from Ubuntu?

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It means that your system is running on the Wayland protocol. And judging by the fact that you didn't install it manually, it means that you are running version 21.04 of Ubuntu. Default Wayland support was just added in the recent update. Describing in a very basic handles sessions with the virtual server that handles your display. Wayland is actually just a protocol, so it is no more a program than HTTP, SSH, etc. If you want to see wayland at its best, install Sway WM.

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