Whatsapp on Linux

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I was looking for WhatsApp for my Ubuntu but I found out there is no available on Linux. I saw an unofficial alternative called WhatsDesk and I would like to ask if the application is safe in terms of privacy and usability. I know there is Whatsapp web, but I would prefer to keep this option as the last. Thank you for the answer and have a great day!

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You might want to have a look at [Franz]( It's a great little program that can support multiple chat apps, including WhatsApp, all in one place. There's no support for calls yet, but if you're primarily interested in messaging, it works great.
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In as much as any such package is safe in terms of privacy on the internet, yes.

I believe it uses the same end to end encrypted security as WhatsApp does.

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As far as i know your safe options are:

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