Install apache2 on ubuntu aws EC2 instance via scripit (useing terraform)

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I try to create an ubuntu instance via terraform after install I want to execute the script which is referred to install apache2 here is my script

#! /bin/bash
sudo apt update
sudo apt install apache2-bin
# sudo systemctl enable apache2
# sudo service apache2 start  
sudo echo '<h1>Welcome to my terraform demo - APP-1</h1>' | sudo tee /var/www/html/index.html
sudo mkdir /var/www/html/app1
sudo echo '<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body style="background-color:rgb(250, 210, 210);"> <h1>Welcome to ubuntu apache2 - APP-1</h1> <p>Terraform Demo</p> <p>Application Version: V1</p> </body></html>' | sudo tee /var/www/html/app1/index.html

but the instance is created but those scripts are not executed may I know how can install apche2 via script

more info

resource "aws_instance" "myec2new" {
   ami =
   instance_type = var.instance_type 
   user_data = file("${path.module}/")
   key_name = var.instance_keypair
   vpc_security_group_ids = [ ,]
   tags = {
     "Name" = "Ec2 Demo 2"

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