How to resolve "GPT detected. Please create a BIOS-Boot partition (>1MB, unformatted filesystem, bios_grub flag)."

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I am very new in Ubuntu. My grub is not detecting my windows Os. I am now in Ubuntu Os but cannot go back to my windows system.

Here is my boot repair report I guess...

Suggest me some steps to create a BIOS-Boot partition. Thanks in advance

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It looks like you have installed (tried to?)Ubuntu in the legacy BIOS mode. Try to boot the installation USB in UEFI mode.
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[This link]( may help you understand about the partitioning. When booted from the Ubuntu live drive (that you installed from), you can use **gparted** to create the bios-boot partition and set the `bios_grub` flag, if you want to boot Ubuntu in BIOS mode.
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You have ESP - efi system partition with Ubuntu's UEFI boot files. But you rebooted live installer in BIOS boot mode and then Boot-Repair will suggest a bios_grub partition. It also looks like you have gpt partitioning and Windows partition. With gpt Windows will only boot in UEFI boot mode. If you are going to repair Windows, better to have Ubuntu in UEFI boot mode also.
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See [this answer]( for pictures of booting the Ubuntu installation USB in UEFI mode versus BIOS mode. The USB has to boot in the correct mode, the same mode Windows was installed in, for both of them to work together.
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Also see [this question and answer]( for more information on UEFI mode and creating the ESP manually.

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