Automatically switch audio output (and ignore some outputs)

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Not sure whether this will be a duplicate question since some aspects of it are case-specific.

I've recently installed Ubuntu 20.04.3 on my HP laptop. When I plug my earplugs in and out the output sound does not get switched automatically every time (some times it does, but most of the time I have to do it manually). When I open sound settings there is a total of 4 output devices:

  • Speakers - Built-in Audio or Headphones depending on whether my earplugs are plugged in
  • HDMI / Display Port - Built-in Audio - which corresponds to my monitor's speakers
  • Headphones - USB Audio - I assume the 3.5mm jack on my USB C docking station
  • Digital Output (S/PDIF) - USB Audio - I have no idea

The only two options I'm ever interested in using both correspond to the first output device, that is:

  • when my earplugs are plugged in I want Headphones - Built-in Audio
  • when they aren't plugged in I want Speakers - Build-in Audio

It seems to me that the automatic choice of those four options is mostly random when I plug/unplug my earplugs.

Is there a way to ensure that the last 3 options never get selected, and to only ever keep it at either Headphones - Built-in Audio or Speakers - Build-in Audio depending on whether my earplugs are plugged in?

Thanks in advance.


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