canonical livepatch error: certificate signed by unknown authority

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I'm using livepatch on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS for quite some time. A few days ago I noticed a red exclamation mark. Then I signed out and tried to reapply the live patch.

However the following comand throws an error:

sudo canonical-livepatch enable <key>
--> error executing enable: failed to register client: Post<key>?test=: x509: certificate signed by unknown autority.

How can succesfully enable live patch again? Thanks for your help!

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When was the last time you updated the server manually? If your system is suffering from [this bug](, then a fix was released last August
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when SW update show up in grahical client I always apply them asap. Currently graphical client doesn't show any pending updates. Should I do anything else?
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Did you type that error yourself? The URL should begin with `` (single `n` in `canonical`).
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yes, it's my typo. Thanks for mentioning it. I just now tried apt-get update and apt-get upgrade and then sudo canonical-livepatch enable <key> --> same error. So system should be up to date.
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Is it an issue with my ubuntu installation or should I register online for a new livepatch key?

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