Forticlient does not appear in "Show Applications" Ubuntu 20.04

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So my company asked to change vpn to forticlient. They provided us with a .deb file. I tried installing via three ways:

sudo dpkg -i forticlient.deb

sudo apt-get install forticlient.deb

And finally clicking on the .deb file.

All of these ways installs the application with no visible errors/warnings.

But the issue here is the application does not appear under "Show Applications". Running in cli only works via $sudo forticlient and after logging it gets stuck on connecting.

Forticlient Connecting

I have a VM with Ubuntu 20.04 and installed the same forticlient package, it connected correctly and shows under "Show Applications".

The .desktop files are correctly configured in /usr/share/applications/ . I assumed so by comparing the files in my VM installation (that is working) and my native Ubuntu installation (that does not work) and the file content is the same.

Also the forticlient installation is in /opt And there is a symlink in /usr/bin/forticlient -> /opt/forticlient/gui/FortiClient-linux-x64/FortiClient

My main problem is obviously not being able to connect, but i'm making an association between the forticlient not appearing in "Show Applications" and not being able to connect.

Am i missing something?

Thanks for the help

Things that i tried after creating this post:

  • After the forticlient is launched in sudo, can't add it to favorites in the dock

$ dpkg -L forticlient | grep desktop
$ cat /usr/share/applications/forticlient.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=Security Software
Comment=Endpoint Protection Suite
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What is the output of `dpkg -L forticlient | grep desktop`?
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@N0rbert ` /usr/share/applications/forticlient.desktop /usr/share/applications/forticlient-register.desktop /opt/forticlient/Fortitray.desktop /opt/forticlient/Fortivpn.desktop `
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Please edit your question and add output of `cat /usr/share/applications/forticlient.desktop` to it.
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Solved it, the application shows up now. And i can correctly connect now. Not sure if this solution is ideal/secure?


$ sudo chmod 0755 /opt

log out and log in, and the app showed up.

I saw the permissions on my VM and realized they were different than on my native installation.

Thanks for the help!


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