How to check whether one number range from one file is the subset of other number range from other file?

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I'm trying to find out whether range1 numbers [both columns a and b] are the subset or lying between range2's columns [both columns b and c].


 a       b
15       20
 8       10
37       44
32       37


 a       b       c
    chr1    6       12
    chr2    13      21
    chr3    31      35
    chr4    36      45


    a       b       c
chr1    6       12       8       10
chr2    13      21       15      20
chr4    36      45       37      44

I have tried to learn from this code [which is working if we wanted to check if a single number is lying in a specific range], therefore I tried modifying the same for two both numbers. But did not work, I'm feeling I'm not able to read the second file properly.

I wanted to compare range1[a] with range2[b] and range1[b] with range2[c]. One to all comparison.

For example in the first run: the first row of range-1 with all other rows of range-2. But range1[a] should be compared only with range2[b] and similarly, range1[b] should be compared only with range2[c]. Based on this only I have written a criteria :

lbs[i] && lbsf1[j] <= ubs[i] && ubsf1[j] >= lbs[i] && ubsf1[j] <= ubs[i]

r1[a] r2[b] r1[b] r2[c]
15 > 6      20 < 12     False
15 > 13     20 < 21     True
15 > 31     20 < 35     False
15 > 36     20 < 45     False 

Code: [reference but little modified]


awk -F'\t' '
# 1st pass (fileB): read the lower and upper range bounds
FNR==NR { lbs[++count] = $2+0; ubs[count] = $3+0; next }
# 2nd pass (fileA): check each line against all ranges.
{ lbsf1[++countf1] = $1+0; ubsf1[countf1] = $2+0; next }
                        if (lbsf1[j] >= lbs[i] && lbsf1[j] <= ubs[i] && ubsf1[j] >= lbs[i] && ubsf1[j] <= ubs[i])
                                { print lbs[i]"\t"ubs[i]"\t"lbsf1[j]"\t"ubsf1[j] ; next }
' range2 range1

Thank you.

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Hello. First point, into the second block `{...}` (without condition) we have a `next` statement at the end. So the third block (with loops) is never executed.
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Do you have a good result ?
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yes I got the resu;t
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