How do I upgrade an existing EC2 instance from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 through CLI with custom Ubuntu 18.04 image?

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How do I upgrade an existing EC2 instance from Ubuntu 16 to 18 through CLI/ansible with our own Ubuntu 18.04 image?

Tried below steps and able to upgrade from 16 to 18.04 but it used ubuntu common image.

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt upgrade
$ sudo apt dist-upgrade
$ sudo apt-get autoremove
$ sudo apt install update-manager-core
$ sudo do-release-upgrade

But the requirement is to upgrade to 18.04 using custom AMI which is already created with specific requirements.

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You do not. You create a new instance at the AWS console and attach your data disk to the new instance. That is the ONLY way to guarantee you can go back to a previous setup. All other methods can lead to data loss or the loss of the complete instance,
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EC2 instances are generally expected to be treated as disposable machines rather than "pets" that are taken care of for extended periods of time. If there is already a custom AMI available, could you not start some new instances and migrate any data from the previous system(s) to the new one(s)?
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The problem here is, the instances are provisioned through terraform and configured through ansible and around 1000 instances are in place now
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I would skip 18.04 and go straight to 21.04 :) Only issue is we found is mysql 8. A couple of noticeable changes there. But if this is anything like GCE/Google cloud the instance has software checking for the validity of the instance and won't boot if changed from the inside. You can update your personal files but I doubt it is possible to completely go to another version inside the instance.
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Is there any way we can provide our own custom image in below command?, it will download the packages from apt repository sudo do-release-upgrade instead can we point this to custom images

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