How can I define a Wine application to handle special links?

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Is it possible to activate a wine application when I click a URL having a specific method?

More specifically my question is this:

I have used amule in the past to handle ed2k: links. When I clicked an ed2k:… link on a web page, amule was handling that link. Later, I decided that eMule under Wine would be more efficient; so, I removed the amule Ubuntu package. Now, when I click to a URL like the following, nothing happens:


Similarly, the

xdg-open 'ed2k://|file|ubuntu-21.04-desktop-amd64.iso|2818738176|9F2FFA4B119C14F7539D4FB92D6B64EE|/'

command returns the error: gio: ed2k://…/: The specified location is not supported

So, how can I add support to GNOME to open that specific URL with a specific command, like:

nohup /usr/bin/wine /home/my_user/opt/eMule/emule.exe >/tmp/emule.out 2>/tmp/emule.err &
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After googling around and with some trial and error, I found the following solution:

First, define the wine emule.exe "application" by creating a ~/.local/share/applications/emule.desktop file with the following contents:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=eMule v0.60c wine
Exec=/usr/bin/wine /home/my_user/opt/eMule/emule.exe %u
Comment=A client for the eD2k network
Comment[fr]=Un client pour le réseau eD2k
Comment[tr]=eD2k ağı için istemci
Comment[it]=Un client per la rete eD2k
Keywords=ed2k emule amule

Note: You can download the EMule_mascot.svg file from:

Then, run the command

xdg-mime default emule.desktop x-scheme-handler/ed2k

to add the line x-scheme-handler/ed2k=emule.desktop to the end of file ~/.config/mimeapps.list.

After that, you can click to any link starting with ed2k: to launch your newly defined application with the link as parameter. Also, the

xdg-open 'ed2k://|file|ubuntu-21.04-desktop-amd64.iso|2818738176|9F2FFA4B119C14F7539D4FB92D6B64EE|/'

command will run as expected.

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