ubuntu-server 20.04 automatically generated user-data does not work in autoinstall

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According to the ubuntu manual, the automatically generated autoinstall-user-data will just work. However, when I try to use it to seed the server, it report shcema error:

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Is this file actually non-usable

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My experience using the `/var/log/installer/autoinstall-user-data` file is that it will give errors. Each Ubuntu release contains a newer version of the installer, so the errors vary based on the release. I would use sample `user-data` files and merge in whatever sections you need customized. My stock `user-data` file is in this answer
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The generated autoinstall-user-data had an extra level of 'kernel' in it. This has been resolved on the Subiquity main branch. For existing autoinstall files, if you have something like the following:

    package: linux-generic

please change it to look like:

  package: linux-generic.

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