Ubuntu 21.04 won't boot randomly

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Today I switched to Ubuntu because my PopOS installation decided to not boot at all. Being in a hurry, I just decided to download Ubuntu so I could get back to my things. I downloaded the system normally with the exception being that I clicked the button to erase the disk.

After this, I had Ubuntu installed fine and was using it. Then it got an update, I don't know what, saying I should restart. I obliged and now my computer is before me, fanning uncontrollably with what appears to be a terminal screen. However, nothing I do changes it. When I press the power button, my computer shuts down. I've restarted the computer multiple times now.

I'm using a gigabyte aero 15. Please help me. I can't afford to have my computer be nonfunctional on every operating system.

Edit: I decided to reinstall the bootloader and it still didn't load. I reinstalled Ubuntu and this time it didn't even load anything -- unlike the previous time. I'm truly at a loss. Supposedly the bootloader isn't working, but I've repaired it, supposedly, and nothing still happens.

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Please try to be detailed and accurate with your descriptions. "*PopOS installation decided not to boot*" has insufficient detail to offer any useful advice. I suspect your logs had lots of useful information before you wiped them. Similarly, "*what appears to be a terminal screen*" is vague and confusing. A picture would help a lot. A clear description of the boot sequence that you do see would also help pinpoint the possible causes.

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