Airflow webservice server is not working

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I have created a service file for an Airflow web server. This is the contents of the .service file:

Description=Airflow webserver daemon
ExecStart=/srv/airflow/bin/airflow webserver -p 8080 -- pid /srv/airflow/

I can start the web server like this:

systemctl start airflow-webserver.service

However, when I visit the site in a browser, this is what I see:

Cannot Connect

What could be wrong?

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A few questions: (0) what version of Ubuntu are you running on the server? (1) is Apache installed on the server? (2) are there any errors reported on the screen or in `/var/log/syslog` when you start the service? (3) is `ufw` running? If so, have you configured it to allow traffic on port `8080`?
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You have wrong quotes - replace `”` to normal `"`.

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