How to create linux-libc-dev .deb when building 5.13 kernel?

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Our turnkey application that runs on 20.04 requires the 5.13 kernel and the headers in that version's linux-libc-dev package that are installed under /usr/include/linux. It also requires a custom change to one of those header files. I have downloaded, built, installed, and am running the 5.13 kernel just fine on our target (amd64) VM. I can see the correctly modified header file in the source tree under debian/linux-libc-dev/usr/include/linux but the build system never creates the Debian package.

I can see special-case code in debian/rules and other makefiles relating to linux-libc-dev. I think the fact that I'm building the (default) hwe-5.13 flavor, rather than "master" (whatever that means in this context), may be why the linux-libc-dev .deb is not being built.

What do I need to do to build this package?

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