How to make a setup File for a python3 application in Ubuntu?

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I make a game called Pong with Python3 and Turtle.

Now I want to make a setup file so that I can share my game with others.

I watched this tutorial and tried what he does in that video but I am on Ubuntu20.04 and it hasn't worked.

I want to make a file that installs all my files where that "setup" file is, My folder has these files in it.

So please tell me how can I make a setup file for my Pong game that I have made with Python3 Turtle module.

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With a single python file, you really don't need You can execute `python3` to run it. You can also easily package it into a .deb package and share it. See
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i don't understant that, That is too hard for me, Please tell me how can i make a file for my game :(
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