LZMA error regarding data corruption for linux-firmware update on fresh install of Ubuntu

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I recently installed Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS on my second SSD in my desktop (first SSD is running Windows 10). The install seemed to have gone well, but I noticed when I try and perform a software update, the installer seems to get stuck on linux-firmware. More details yield the following images:

As you can see, a LZMA error pops immediately.

Another image of it with the final lines of information. It usually terminates after here and says something along the lines of failed to install/update.

What's causing these errors? Why is the data already corrupt? I believe I installed everything correctly (PC uses legacy BIOS not UEFI), and the operating systems are on different SSDs. This is my first serious foray into Linux. I've normally been a Windows and MacOS user, but I am wanting to use Linux for my work and productivity, and just have Windows for gaming.

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Try `sudo apt clean` followed by `sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade`.

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