What is the combination rule of priority among certain apt repositories?

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Many use a ppa repository to install a certain featured package. Is it possible to tell apt only to install that certain package (perhaps with dependencies too) from that ppa, whereas to choose the system-wide repository over the ppa repository when installing any other package?

To make it more specific, a preference file specifying the priority of certain repository can be like:

Package: *
Pin: repository_A
Pin-Priority: 200

which sets possible installation of any package from repository_A with priority 200. While the definition below would set installation of <certain_package> from repository_B with priority 300.

Package: <certain_package>
Pin: repository_B
Pin-Priority: 300

So the question turns out to be: Can I use a similar priority hierarchy to get what I want?

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us flag has a nice concrete example

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