libnginx-mod-http-lua at ubuntu 21.10

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According this:

this module: libnginx-mod-http-lua just no longer available in newer version of ubuntu (newer than hirsute).

But I didn't see any news of it. My software stack just broken after I upgrade my ubuntu.

Will it add back again in ubuntu 22.04? or it just no longer supported by ubuntu team.
If that, is there any record of the decision of remove the package libnginx-mod-http-lua?

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Next time you may want to build your enterprise hardware stack on relevant LTS (!) Ubuntu version. Debian has this package in place . So you have to report bug to Ubuntu Launchpad about this packaging issue. Here is the link .
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Do you know how to add distro tag like [this bug report]( I want add impish and hirsute in [my bug report](

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