PDFTK wok from home folder but not in www

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I have installed pdftk using snap in Ubuntu 18.04

sudo snap install pdftk

In home folder pdftk work fine

root@localhost:/home# a.pdf output secure.128.pdf owner_pw 123456

root@localhost:/home# ls
a.pdf  secure.128.pdf

but in www folder it doesn't work :

root@localhost:/var/www/multi/pdfs# ls

root@localhost:/var/www/multi/pdfs# pdftk a.pdf output secure.128.pdf owner_pw 123456
Error: Unable to find file.
Error: Failed to open PDF file: 
Errors encountered.  No output created.
Done.  Input errors, so no output created.
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Can you try absolute path (e.g. `/var/www/multi/pdf/a.pdf`) and see if it is working?
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`pdftk /var/www/multi/pdfs/a.pdf output /var/www/multi/pdfs/secure.128.pdf owner_pw 123456` gives the same error
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Likely related: [accessing files outside of /home in snap apps](

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