bmon with format option quitafter argument

pl flag

I know this might be a stupid question, but as I am new to Ubuntu I don't even know how google it.

I want to show network stats using bmon in a special format so I can read it later with another script.

I read through help, and I was able to achieve most of my need using this command:

bmon -p 'ens3' -r 3 -o format:fmt='rx=$(attr:rx:bytes) tx=$(attr:tx:bytes)\n'

The problem with this command is that it keeps posting stats every x amount of seconds. I want it to only show stats once.

I found in the help that I can use quitafter:

root@domain:~# bmon -o format:help
format - Formatable Output

  Formatable ASCII output for scripts. Calls a drawing function for
  every item per node and outputs according to the specified format
  string. The format string consists of normal text and placeholders
  in the form of $(placeholder).

  Author: Thomas Graf <>

    fmt=FORMAT     Format string
    stderr         Write to stderr instead of stdout
    quitafter=NUM  Quit bmon after NUM outputs

But I can't make it work. I tried a lot of things:

bmon -p 'ens3' -r 3 -o format:quitafter=1:fmt='rx=$(attr:rx:bytes) tx=$(attr:tx:bytes)\n'
bmon -p 'ens3' -r 3 -o format:quitafter=1 fmt='rx=$(attr:rx:bytes) tx=$(attr:tx:bytes)\n'
bmon -p 'ens3' -r 3 -o format:fmt='rx=$(attr:rx:bytes) tx=$(attr:tx:bytes)\n' quitafter=1    
bmon -p 'ens3' -r 3 -o format:fmt='rx=$(attr:rx:bytes) tx=$(attr:tx:bytes)\n':quitafter=1

None worked.

Please help me, thanks.

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