Interact with user from subiquity late-command?

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I am working on moving from the old Debian-style installer to the newer Ubuntu server autoinstall system which uses subiquity. One thing we do with our current system is run a late_command script which registers the machine for our network. That involves a debconf-based dialog where the admin enters some credentials. Is there any similar way in subiquity to have a late-command script query the admin to answer some questions?



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If you get no answer here, please try at a forum where the Ubuntu developers participate: [Ubuntu Discourse](
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I suggest starting at , then the various autoinstall bleeding-edge threads at
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Late commands isn't setup today to handle that, to my knowledge. I like the idea of an admin customizable question in the installer though. Can we move this to a feature request in the bug tracker? In particular I'd like some details on how your current solution works - the debconf based example would help.

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