Upgrade Ubuntu 20.10 to 21.04

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I try to upgrade my Ubuntu 20.10 to 21.04.

  1. Using the GUI Software Updater gives following information:

    Software updates is no longer supported for Ubuntu 21.10 To increase security please install Ubuntu 21.04

    So, I follow instruction and click the Upgrade button! The GUI Software Updater just shuts down without response or information.

  2. I tried the release upgrade as below.

    $ sudo do-release-upgrade
    [sudo] password for thomas:
    Looking for a new Ubuntu release
    Your Ubuntu release is no longer supported.
    For upgrade information you can visit:
    Install all available updates for your version before upgrading.*

    As far as I known I have installed all updates from Ubuntu, and the GUI Software & Updates app is configured for daily information for updates. All previous version updates without problem.

So I kindly ask for your help in this issue to upgrade 21.04.

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*Your Ubuntu release is no longer supported* says it all. The time for a normal online release upgrade is already gone. There is a way to do it (see next comment) but you have to ask yourself if it's worth the time, effort and risk when compared to (having backups and) doing a fresh **21.10** installation (21.04 will be EoL soon).
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These types of upgrades can be dangerous, Thus are not recommend , Your ubuntu version 20.10 is no longer supported by canonical Thus cant be upgraded _safely_ , the method you _can_ try to do this upgrade is editing `sources.list` but this method can be dangerous!
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Thanks for all the great tips and comments !!

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