Automate starting and stopping of programs from terminal

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I have been trying to make it easier and faster to start and stop programs from terminal but didn't get anywhere. Closest thing I found on my searches is this: Starting and stopping of applications but nothing else. I use ubuntu server so no gui at all. In one machine i am running a proxy and I am trying to easy start and stop it without typing long lines, to start it I created a .sh file and I can start it easy enough but once it runs, I have to enter the screen windows where it's running, type Ctrl-C and after few second start it again. Is any way to automate it?

To run it I type this long line:

sudo java -jar myprogram.jar -f /home/franco/operations/proxy/switcher/prx1/setting.conf

I made a script called to start it using screen:

cd /home/franco/operations/startup
su franco -c "screen -dmS prx1 ./"

This works fine and fast to start it but sometimes I need to stop it and restart. Here is where I am failing. I have to get the screen, type ctrl-C and then call my script again to restart.

Is any possibility to make a script to automate it?

I hope I make sense

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Thanks @muru for editing my question
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As I didn't get any suggestion I think my question is silly and there is no way to use kill, pkill or killall without grabbing the PID?

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