Canonical Livepatch problem

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I have problem with livepatch it's reporting with a message internal error and I am wandering if I cannot use it anymore. I know that for my account i have a free subscription to 3 machines. My question is, if I have used it in the past on two of my laptops and if I have re-format them and I have re use the livepatch for the same laptops from the same account how many times I can re-use livepatch from the same account to the same laptops? After hopping many times to Ubuntu LTS yesterday I tried to activate livepatch again to the same machines fromy my same account but I had internal error.

From logs i can see this: Failed to refresh patch information: livepatch check failed: POST request to "

Do you have any idea?

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Similar/Same q That one as the most details in the question regarding the error.

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