How to display laptop charging speed

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I have a laptop that charges via USB-C and it can be charged by connecting it to the USB-C port of my desktop. But I would like to know at which wattage.

Is there a command to display at which wattage a laptop is charging? This might also be helpful when comparing different charging bricks and USB cables.

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This isn't a full answer... but... usually the wattage is simply listed on the charging brick. E.g., my USB-C charger says 65W on the side, and that would be the max for the charger. This wouldn't be helpful to you, but is a reasonable general answer. As to getting the _current_ power draw in software, see [this question]( on Unix & Linux SE.
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cocomac: My question was about charging via the usb-c port on my desktop, so it's not as obvious where to look it up as a charging brick. But even with a charging brick it's nice to be able to verify how much wattage actually goes through, since it also depends on the cable which normally doesn't have any label.

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