Booting problem Ubuntu 20.04 lts

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I have a problem booting to my graphical desktop on Ubuntu 20.04 lts, and it shows the message below. My computer configuration is: Processeur Core i3-6006U 2.00 GHz Mémoire Cache 4 Go Graphic card Intel HD No Video memory And i have a windows 10 on the other boot and it's booting normally.

/dev/sda6: clean, 92634/2207520 files, 8397675/8828416 blocks

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@ChanganAuto i just made the edit, i understand what you have said and tbh i can't agree more so if you can help, thanks
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Nothing stands out, your hardware should "just work". If you're dual-booting then make sure you disable the Windows' Fast Startup feature and shutdown. Try booting Ubuntu again and if the problem persists do CTRL+ALT+F3, login and do a full update: `sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade`.
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I already disabled Windows fast startup so, from my first installation i have the window to choose btw my boots
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Does this answer your question? ["dev/sda1: clean, ..." This message appears after I startup my laptop, then it won't continue booting](
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Not at all, i can't get to my Desktop

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