Failed to update driver: "pk-client-error-quark:Failed to obtain authentication(303)"

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I am new to Linux and I am using Ubuntu. I was use drivers and I want to change to Nvidia. When I get into Software & Updates and in Additional Drivers try to change to nvidia I get an error:

pk-client-error-quark:Failed to obtain authentication(303)

screenshot of error

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First of all make sure your system is fully updated: `sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade`.
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What is the Ubuntu version?
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20.04 LTS is my ubuntu version
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@ChanganAuto Updating didn't work.
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*Updating didn't work*... So, did the update procedure produced any error or didn't but the problem persisted when trying to install the Nvidia driver? Also, are you behind a proxy?
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I don't use proxy. when I run code you gave I noticed it's not completed correctly so(give some problem I was find it not important) I run code seperatly. 'sudo apt update' give some problem after download something but its complete. but sudo apt full-upgrade is complete too. after I rebooted computer and problem is persisted when downloading Nvidia driver.
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I had the exact same error report following a stuck update. To release the stuck update, I ran sudo apt dist-upgrade and then an autoremove.

After restarting, my screen configuration was totally trashed and the system was using the open-source non-proprietary driver (and very unstable, and slow). I tried to install the nvidia driver and received this message.

I then ran the driver installation from the command line using the following steps:

  1. identify available/appropriate drivers with this command: ubuntu-drivers devices

  2. choose the one marked "recommended"

  3. install it using the command: sudo apt install nvidia-driver-XXX (replace XXX with the driver id number you want)

  4. reboot: sudo reboot

After this, my system came back properly.


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I'm using Ubuntu 21.10 and I got the same error in "Additional Drivers". I've been flipping back and forth between different Nvidia drivers and have multiple video cards. I went into the shell and did "sudo apt autoremove" and "sudo apt install nvidia-driver-495" and the driver installed with no issue.

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