Network traffic for last day in specific format

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I want to get network traffic stats for the last day in a specific format.

tx[some number in kbytes]rx[some number in kbytes]

I tried a lot of solutions, but each one has its own goods and bads:

timeout 1 bmon -p 'ens3' -r 2 -o format:fmt='rx$(attr:rx:bytes)tx$(attr:tx:bytes)\n'

The format is good but can not get traffic for last day

vnstat -d --oneline

Can show stats for the last day, but I can't specify the output format

slurm & tcptrack & iftop

No format, nor time

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You can try the `--json` option of `vnstat` and parse the output using the `jq` command. (Or, you can try the `--xml` option.)

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