Ubuntu 20.04: Can't install pip for python3.10

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I am using Ubuntu 20.04 TLS in Windows Terminal from on Windows 10 Pro.
Ubuntu has default version of python that is 3.8, but I need 3.10, and
I can easily install it with sudo apt install python3.10 (before I
need add deadsnakes ppa), but this is where's problem. Then I try to
install pip using sudo apt install python3-pip it installs it for
just 3.8 but I need it also for 3.10. I tried using and it actually installed it but then I tried it it just run into so many
problems that are very very hard to solve. So my question is how am
I supposed to install Python3.10 with Pip for it to don't break anything.
Note: I tried using aliases and update-aliases but none of them worked
for me.

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Read up on python virtual environments to use python versions outside of the system version.

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