Change x2go TMPDIR to somewhere other than /tmp

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x2go creates large files in /tmp/.x2go-username when a session is saved. This is causing us trouble because /tmp is filling up and no users can log in. Our /tmp directory is too small and I don't have access to increase. We need to change the default tmp directory from /tmp to /app.

I have set TMPDIR in my .profile and also in /etc/x2go/Xsession to /app


export TMPDIR=/app/

Xsession variables:

# initialize variables for use by all session scripts










The session still creates the tmp files in /tmp

The x2go process which is running:

leithner 16137     1  0 11:23 ?        00:00:00 sshfs -o idmap=user,uid=1007,gid=1001,default_permissions,ServerAliveInterval=300,IdentityFile=/home/leithner/.x2go/ssh/key.p14092,UserKnownHostsFile=/home/leithner/.x2go/ssh/key.p14092.ident SLeithne@ /tmp/.x2go-leithner/spool/C-leithner-50-1643045018_stDXFCE_dp32 -p 50660

leithner@entrada:/app$ echo $TMPDIR

Where should I be changing this variable? Can it be changed?

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This is a known bug need to upgrade to: nx-libs.x86_64 epel7-x86_64-20220126 nxagent.x86_64 epel7-x86_64-20220126

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