Cannot open .txt file in external hard drive when using Notepad++

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As mentioned in the title, I have an issue when trying to open a text file located in my external hard drive using Notepad++.

  • I can open the file using the default text editor that comes with Ubuntu
  • I can open a text file on my computer (not external hard drive) using Notepad++

Below is the error message.

enter image description here

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`Z:` looks like a *Windows* location. Are you using WSL on Windows?
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Probably the OP is using a snap version of Notepad++ under Wine64.
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My guess is that since it is showing `media` in the location that it is another drive in the system that the snap cannot read to because it is outside of the `home` drive location. I was reading out there where people have switched to using `notepadqq` as it is the equivalent program but not bound by the sandbox of snap apps.
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I would suggest **Geany** or **Atom** editor instead of **Notepad++** which is not natively supported in Linux.
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Or [notepadqq from flatpak](

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