Does somebody knows waht the "can't" command does?

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the screenshot I mentionedSo I was experimenting with the terminal in Wsl and happened to enter something that started with "can't" (I don't remember what it was). After that, I entered some sort of note-taking tool or program to execute multiple commands at once.

As you can see, I'm pretty new to Linux and confused as to what "can't" actually does.

I'll add a screenshot in case my explanation confuses you.

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`Can't` doesn't do anything, probably you wrote up a [heredoc](
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Bash triggers on can't because of single alone quote inside.

So you entered a single quote ('), say opening quote, the first.
Bash waits for the second one and shows > as temporary prompt to remind you.

Compare the following:

$ x='y
> '


$ x='y'

The same will happen with double quotes.

To understand BASH you have to read the docs like .


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