Problem downloading files from shared folder

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I created a shared folder to download a server dependency file. I setup the shared file, tested it with ls /media to see that it was appearing on the vm, but when I went to download the file I had placed in the folder, nothing happened.

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How do I access and download these files on the vm? I am using ubuntu 20.04 with putty.

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I can elaborate on anything if needed
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A couple of questions: (0) which VM are you using? (1) which direction is the file going? Host to client or client to host?
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i will try to answer to the best of my ability since im not too sure whats going on. im using virtualbox, ubuntu, and putty. the files are going from host to client but they are not showing up at all. also, please explain stuff as if your explaining it to someone who has no knowledge of vm's, since to be honest i dont.
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Have you really confirmed that shared folder is indeed working ? Refer to this -->

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