Rename file in terminal users

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(base) sne_jojo_g@jojoG /Users % ls
Shared      sne_jojo_g
(base) sne_jojo_g@jojoG /Users % mv sne_jojo_g jojoG 
mv: rename sne_jojo_g to jojoG: Operation not permitted

I want to rename the sne_jojo_g in sne_jojo_g@jojoG and also the sne_jojo_g file in User, how should I do it?

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`/Users` indicated you may be running OS X, have you try with root ? Refer to [this](
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The `/Users/Shared` directory is certainly seen on MacOS. Are you accessing this directory via a Samba share?
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What does `ls -l` show?
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  • to change prompt in bash you, you should change the variable called PS1 like that:
$ PS1="[\u@\h:\w ] $ "

and put this var in config in ~/.bashrc too.

  • to rename your user folder and login, look this answer
$ sudo usermod -l newUsername oldUsername
$ sudo usermod -d /home/newHomeDir -m newUsername

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