Unable to uninstall skype on Ubuntu 20.04.2

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I have skype installed and running at startup. I would like to remove it altogether. I've seen some advice online, but none of them work.

I can see several skypeforlinux processes running in the system monitor. When I run sudo apt-get --purge remove skypeforlinux I get:

E: Unable to locate package skypeforlinux 

When I run dpkg -S skype I see a list of files of the form ubuntu-docs: /usr/share/help/it/gnome-help/ (I guess help documents in several languages) and nothing else. I don't see any Skype related entry in the Startup Applications Preferences, even though Skype launches itself on startup.

Any idea?

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You've tor reinstall Skype and purge it using back-end tools like `dpkg`. How did you installed Skype?
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Also add output of `dpkg -l | grep -i skype`; `snap list | grep -i skype`; `flatpak list | grep -i skype`; `find ~ -iname '*skype*'` .
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If you have installed it through snap, then

sudo snap remove --purge skype

if doesn't work try this cmd;

sudo apt --purge remove skype/skypeforlinux

After removing Skype find /.config/Skype and into this directory type

rm -r Skype skypeforlinux

hope this help you.

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`sudo snap remove --purge skype` worked, thanks! I couldn't find /.config/Skype though.
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in a snap installation, the skype config file is stored in ~/snap

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