Using awk/sed/perl i want to remove the self closing tag and its content and add an empty space

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I have the following string:

<Sub4Topic hi="1d9bhb" cbdshfghfgs(C)(2)(d)"><step stepid=" ajhdjgjgjfhgjhgrhghr" stepid="du" />

Here I want the step tag and its content to be removed. The output should be:

<Sub4Topic hi="1d9bhb" cbdshfghfgs(C)(2)(d)">
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Well for what you have posted you could use

| sed -r 's/<step[^>]+>/ /'

([^>]+ means some characters that are not >) but if you need something more flexible then please post more of your input.

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er, thanks for the edits folks... not sure how I managed to type that horribly...
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I always forget that last one....

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